Dear jamil,
A short note of Thanks for what I always considered an impossible Task I would like to congratulate you
on your patience,perseverance and complete dedication to your job. Both my sons Alex and George have
surprised us all not only successfully completing the driving test, But have shown aptitude and a ' Passed first time" for both and one of them with " Great driv " comment ' is a credit to you professionalism kind regards,
Libby teslenko
I loved every lesson was a very nice learning experience - helped me a lot. PASSED FIRST TIME - thank you very much All-Points driving school!

Yasmine Ives
I passed my Test first go after only 2 professional lessons with Nighat Khan of All-Points Driving School. I highly recommend them - they are great, as I was made to feel very comfortable at all times!

I would like to thank Jamil Khan at All Points Driving School for his excellent services. He is a very efficient instructor.Thanks to him I passed my practical driving test without a single error.I would recommend him to anyone.

K. Letcher
All Points Driving School is fantastic ! I have gained so much knowledge and many skills, thanks to my wonderful instructor JAMIL KHAN. I highly recomend this driving scholl to everybody!! Thankyou!


All Points is a must try driving school! The driving instructors are awesome and kind and they know how to make feel comfortable behind the wheel. Every time you get behind the wheel with an All Points instructor you can see how much you have progressed since the last lesson. The driving instructors give you a great confidence boost- its great. The day of my test my instructor Jamil Khan told me ,”you will pass , trust me, you will pass” and thanks to All Points Driving School – I passed with flying colors on my first go:) thank you so much All Points.

Marttina Rehwa
I just passed my driving test on the first go and would like to thank All Points Driving School for helping me achieve this. I would in particular like to thank Jamil my driving instructor. He was patient, and professional and he is very passionate about his job. He made sure that I was more than ready for the driving exam. Thank you very much.


I wish to thank you All Points Driving School members for their outstanding service. Before I encountered with All Points Driving School I have had a very disappointing experience. Even though I have overseas driver licence and also have taken a driving lesson from other driving schools here in Brisbane, I was not able to pass my driving test. As I failed the driving test more times, I lost the confidence in my driving skills and getting my driver licence became a nightmare. However, I never give up. About six weeks ago I decided to make one more try and I started to search a driving school on line and luckily, All Points Driving School website pop up and I got the opportunity to contact Mr Jemil, the Instructor of All Points Driving School. Mr Jemil has exceptional driving instructing skills. He is well experienced, patient with his students and he has passion for his profession. Mr Jemil does not give you lessons that can only enable you to pass the driving test but also lessons that can help you to acquire lifelong safe driving skills. With All Points Driving School I got the real driving lessons and I built my confidence and went for the test and I passed!
All Points is the best Driving School. Trust me, With All Points Driving School you never be disappointed. Mr Jemil has special skills to help you get your driving licence and to make you a good driver. He never leave you before you get your driving licence. Thank you again.


I would like to thank the allpoints driving school for their amazing driving skills and helping me achieve to get my licence. I would recommend all points driving school to anyone keen or not so keen on driving, awsome outcome without pressure. thanks again.

Wow! I got my P’s… All thanks to AllPoints Driving School.

Today I passed my driving test.Thanks very much the”All Points Driving School” and specially to Mr. Jamil Khan. As my driving instructor he ensured that I would become a professional and safe driver. He was patient, and professional and is a person any learner would be lucky enough to have as the first driving instructor. He always ensured by demonstration that I am convinced of doing the right thing. Thank you very much again.


All points driving school is the best,I have taken many test before with out driving school,but did not pass.My friends give me recommendation to practice with All points driving school.I took the lesson one time and Jamil khan gave me very good understaning of the road rules and I pass my test, So happy now.I highly recomended ALL POINTS DRIVING SCHOOL.


Thank u nighat for building the confidence with in me.you are a good trainer and have taught me the safest and best possible way to drive you were always calm and friendly.Thanks for helping me to get my driving licence.

jamil is excellent instructor.He is a composed and relaxed instructor. He alos takes into account the learners needs and skills.jamil is friendly and professional at the same time ,I would like to give him a big thumbs up for helping me achieve my driving licence:)Thanks again,ALL POINTS DRIVING SCHOOL.

All point Driving School is the best in Brisbane! No such a compliment can beat the driving test at the FIRST TIME with only 2 minor errors. One more lesson would have definitely help me to pass without a single error! Professional and patient Instructor – Jamil helped me all the way to the end. He even bought a chocolate bar for me on the test day to calm me down. Thank you Allpoint Driving School. I highly recommend it for any new drivers. Once you choose it, you will never regret your decision.

Thank you All Points Driving School for you clear, concise and valuable lessons! My instructor Jamil was fantastic and knowledgeable. Passed my test first go with 1 minor error. The only driving school I'll be recommending. :)

Highly recommend all Points Driving school. Reasonably priced lessons. The Instructor was very helpful, calm and very knowledgeable. Passed my practical exam first time with flying colours. :)

I would like to say thanks to All Points Driving School. I passed my driving test for the first round with clean sheet. Thanks so much Nighat khan, that be patient to teach me even i havent had any experience before.

I have just passed my p test with Jamil I have been through 3 driving instructors He is the best very patient I passed first go I recommend Him to anyone that wants to pass first time.

Thanks to ‘All Points Driving School’ and special thanks to “’Jamil Khan” for helping me in getting my open driving license in first attempt. I would highly recommend “All point” because, I liked their approach. Especially Jamil, he was on time , very patient , explicit and meticulous in making me understand basics as well as finer details of driving , which would not only help anyone pass their practical test but also help in sharpening out their overall driving skills.

Sunil Charles Edward
I want to say thank you to Nikki who is my instructor. She is calm and friendly and did her best for me to pass my test XO

Uyen Nguyen
ALL POINTS DRIVING SCHOOL is the best driving school in all of Brisbane, They work with you to be successful in driving teaching you every little singles details on what safe driving is. today I just passed my P test and everything turned out better then what i thought it would be.

Fantastic!! Jamil was patient and helpful during every lesson right up until the test which I passed first go!! I highly recommend all points driving school and Jamil to any learner driver!!Chris

Thanks to all points driving school and my great instructor Jamil khan I passed my driving test on the first go. It was a great experience having taught by such a skilful and relaxed instructor. Would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pass on the first go. 10/10!

Ravneet Lal
Jamil....just wanted to say that your driving school provides an outstanding service. The way the lessons are directed are student directed. The friendliness of the teachers both you and your lovely wife is truly welcoming. I would recommend your driving school to anyone who wants to learn from the best. Thank you once again for all your hard efforts to help me achieve my license. from Tara

I am struggling to find an accurate word and all words are inadequate to express my thanks and joy to the All point driving school. I obtained my driving licence on 23rd of October 2014 with an incredible help of brother Jamil Khan. I would highly recommend All point driving school to anyone wanting to obtain their driving license. The instructor Jamil Khan was very dedicated and professional and I have thoroughly enjoyed having lessons with him. I Would like to say a big thank you to brother Jamil Khan , honestly wouldn't have been able to do this without him. I will be referring people to you as my experience was pleasant and fruitful.

Ashraf Kalarikkuni

Thanks to All Points Driving School, I got my open Driving License. I had the opportunity to learn under both trainers - Jamil Khan & Nighat Khan and they both were awesome.

Nighat Khan was overwhelming with information, tips & tricks that you need, which was explained in a calm and pressure free manner. She made sure that my mistakes are corrected immediately as and when I drive, by taking me to the same place again where I erred. She also gave feedback of where I have improved from my previous class. She took me to all sorts of peculiar roads and explained what I should do when put in a particular situation.

Similarly Jamil Khan was a huge information repository with excellent detailing of stuffs, when you ask him. He assesses where you are & fine tunes only things that need your attention and understanding. The more you need to know, the more questions you have to ask, and he will be more than happy and willing to help you.

Both trainers are calm and kind and both trainers give meticulous details for all your queries. I would highly recommend anyone to this driving school.

Madhu Prashanth
I want to say a BIG BIG THANKS to All Points Driving School, especially to my instructor, Jamil. His experience, kindness, calm and patience gave me enough confidence and skills to pass my first practical driving test. I was a person scared of driving, depending on others to move around. Now, thanks to Jamil, I'm free and I can't wait to drive here and there. If you are looking for a driving school, ALL POINTS is the one for you to choose.

Claudia Gavril
All Points... The best of the best Driving Schools in Brisbane/Logan! I have experience first hand how awesome All Points is. Their services is easy and accessible, their friendly and has never made me feel uncomfortable. Personally All Points is my fav Driving School not just because their friendly and good, but they get the job done and help you achieve your goal. Like today i walked away with my Red Ps all thanks to All Point and my awesome instructor jamil. Couldn't have done it without him and his support. All points is amazing. Irate the 5 gold stars... Top notch!! You won't regret it nor will you be disappointed. GO ALL POINTS!

Alavina Moe
Thank you JAMIL for everything that you taught me up to getting P's you have been a massive help and I will highly recommend you to other people learning to drive.

Thanks to all points driving school (Jamil) for helping through my driving lessons and preparing me for the test. I will definitely recommend you guys to family and friends.

Thank you Jamil Khan for teaching me to drive! Fantastic teacher. Will recommend to everyone. I passed with flying colours! No mistakes!

Thank you very much JAMIL for being my driving instructor,I wouldnt been able to get my license without you,your truly a blessing to this world,I really admire how professional you are with being a driving instructor,Than you and may God bless you abundantly.

Hi Jamil, I passed :) Thank you for all the lessons you gave me. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't of had the very best foundations to drive. I remember that first lesson at 10 km ha ha. You really made me so comfortable and you helped so much with my fear of driving. I really want to say a big thank you to you. Tammy :)

I had a fear of driving, and even being in a car, for most of my life. Jamil at All Points has worked with me over the past months, always calm, supportive and accommodating but very professional. He worked with me until today, when I received my license (first attempt)! If you had have asked me before I first started lessons, do you think you'll have your licence by now, I definitely would have said no. All Points has been absolutely outstanding. The service at All Points is outstanding, the instructors are outstanding, and their results are outstanding. I would not have a problem recommending them to anyone.

I would highly recommend All Points Driving school! I passed my test first try and was very nervous, Nighat was so easy to talk to and helped calm me before my test. Loved my experience. Thank you so much !

Thank you for all your help today. I learned a lot more from you before my driving test. Thank you once again and much appreciated. I would definitely recommend your company Allpoints Driving School to my friends and family.

Really great driving school with excellent service. My instructor, Jamil, has helped me a lot to ensure that I can pass the driving test first go. His approach was very helpful and informative. Throughout each lesson, I felt comfortable behind the wheel and was provided with clear comments on aspects that I’ve done well or needed improvements. Overall, I’m very happy that I’ve chosen All Points Driving School. And if you’re keen to pass the driving test, I’d highly recommend you give this school a try. Thanks.

Thank you so much All point Driving school to help me to achieve my goal. Special thanks to Jamil and Nighat, Both of you have helped to get my licence in first go. I would recommend All point Driving school to all friends and known to learn driving from.. Big Big Thanks again Both of you

My driving teacher was Jamil from all Points Driving School he was very patient, very reassuring and I liked his fundamentals when he was showing me how to reverse park. I would recommend this school for learners.